Life; what is Life?

Everyone defines it in a different but innovative way , which is sort of an amalgamation of their deep thoughts and their whole life .May be, from these little words we can assess their whole life, their miseries , their mistakes and their deep down soul .Sometimes this point also strikes me that what is life ? Is it a mere test taken by Almighty Allah or something deep down hidden within!
Some people have deep religious terms to define it and some have few infallible theories to prove it. But yet I haven’t seen or discovered any theory which can satisfy all my deeply carved queries. I don’t truly feel that the whole reasoning behind our birth, the creation of this world was only for the fact that God wanted to test us or (he desired to be bowed or his ego to be satisfied may be I’m using some wrong words here) anyways I find that He could have tested us simply by checking our souls or may be through any method as He knows better. But I think that He made us with a great logical reason .It is may be to empower our souls with the power to explore this world and to support us by creating some relations greater than creation itself, the whole world exists because of these relations isn’t it ?
Then may be God thought only good and loving relations will make man more powerful and self indulged or may on the top most self conceited so He created evil and iniquity to lower the ego of this selfish creation. So in a way he empowered us yet didn’t let us forget us that we are dependent after all!
Thus I find it quite disgusting to define life in just one sentence!
Like Shakespeare said,
“Life is like a stage and we are like characters (may be not the exact words)”
In the above given definition don’t you feel that he makes God kind of a selfish character?
When at least I read this definition given by one of the greatest learners on this mother earth I felt like a Prisoner acting on God’s orders which makes me feel rebellious!
But when I myself ponder upon life’s definition or its need I find God a very gracious being, He who made us or let us be so selfish if he wanted he could have imprisoned us here but he didn’t na? This shows that he not only owns us but he loves us.
For example in normal life we people also have the opportunity to have our children whom we treat just like God treats us. We believe we have true control over our children but, What if our children say that we treat them like actors working in our plays? We will of course feel miserable. Similarly, God must have felt so bad when we regarded Him as a selfish owner neglecting His graciousness, His love towards us, isn’t it? In fact, if He just wanted to satisfy his enormity by our religious practices why he would have let us free in this world.
My friends in fact, we people have become so selfish by the time that we forgotten the true meaning of our life. Thus, it’s not possible to define life because it’s not possible to even name the benevolences bestowed upon us by God, who I don’t know how is still feeding our selfish and eternally hungry bellies and lustrous minds! (Well even this is enough to show His graciousness and warmth)

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