Last day of Quarter and The streets of Lahore!!!

On 2nd March 2009, it was the end of the quarter for Luminites. So we thought to get ourselves out of the hectic University shell. We went out on the streets of Defense, Lahore.
The hot Sun, dusty roads, heavy traffic and crowded streets of Lahore challenged our morale and energy, but as they say the stronger the tide the mightier the fight…so our morale actually was being boosted with each challenge.
We took a bus to reach the nearest market and reached there in about 15 minutes.
Here it was the lovely y-market with loads of new stuff to check out.
After having a meal at McDonalds and some doughnuts we were stuffed and almost full to death. So now was the right moment to start our “window shopping”.
The pathetic laced designs were a little too girly for me too handle so I went to the next shop. There I found a couple of awesome bands and accessories. The next shop was filled with cargo pants and jeans but I already had a lot of them so it was better to leave this one. The next one had some cute tops but oh man! We were already very late and our bus was about to leave so we rushed to the stop and went home.



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