True Colors Will Bleed!

Look at your eyes … do you see the greed that insinuates your inner lust? 

Those hands you wash everyday…but you can’t run away from the stains of the horseplay which reminds you of your enmity!

Don’t you feel the burden on your shoulders?…’s the burden of your guilt which forces you to taste the blame for your sheer insatiability!

It’s difficult to walk the distance anymore….coz your feet are heavy with the hostility.

We count the moments we spend by adding the successes and subtracting failures. The colorful spectrum of life is translated and transformed in the shades of black and white through the lens of our animosity.

We call our angels only when they can salvage us, we conform to our morals only when they can guard us……as soon as our deficiencies are fulfilled, we call back our ‘Demons’ in the name of ‘obligation’. But don’t you feel the remorse for what you do in the name of life? The hypocrite you play to your own saviors?….coz when they need you, you aren’t there when their world is at the verge of demolition….. you push them when they reach out their hands for you to pull!


Every second we go through the feeling of despair and desperation, led by our own vows to be a loyal money maker…

The devil which abhors your soul and worships your immorality will take over …One day, it will remind you how wrong you were in letting your soul slip away so easily from your hands!….When it tried to clench your hands, you pushed it away….when it came in your dreams, you preferred to become an intentional insomniac… at last it breathed it last, while you were playing the game you call ‘Life’….


Though the black seems interesting and the white appears attractive…but one day you’ll cry for the true colors of morality you didn’t see. The color blindness is still less painful than the inner death you’ll experience with every moment passing by. Your suffering won’t be in the disease or the pain you get from it, rather the noise from your horrifying past will kill your will to live.

Money you will have it, fame you might earn it, love may be you’ll get lucky…..but Contentment? ………..Never!

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One thought on “True Colors Will Bleed!

  1. Beautiful pictures and a pouwrfel story. I want to one day be able to influence many more men to all be advocates of the message implied through these pictures all women shall be loved and respected.

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