A suffocating small room, cold bare floor and a flimsy table beside the window, with your hands clasped in your lap to sustain the chilly silent vibes this room emits, you sit at a corner with no bit of energy left in your veins. But you still muster up all the bits of courage left in you and you stand up, barely sustaining the pressure of those comatose legs you walk towards the window and open its fragile doors. The window opens and the sunlight enters the room, with its crisp edges, the straight ray of light enters your eyes. The light sprinkles some of its sparkle in your pupils and you feel rejuvenated once again!

This is what we call hope, after all the tensions in the world, we all stand up every morning in search of happiness. We, humans, can suffer much more than the threshold of medicine has proclaimed, we can go through miseries much more intense than our imagination can create and we can battle all those atrocities which world has to offer.

But this battle can only be fought by those who have a reason to cling on to. We won’t die of hunger and thirst for several days. We won’t commit suicide no matter how excruciating the environment is if we have a motive to adhere to.

What is this motive? Is this your desire to change the world or the desire to conquer your soul? Is this the motivation to convey a message or to relish another moment with your loved one?

No one can answer this question, but one word sums it all up and that is ‘Hope’. It’s the ‘hope’ to do something or for someone, to accomplish a dream or anything that you ever wished.

This hope gives our lives the meaning to survive in the wildest situations ever possible. Some can’t withstand small pressures and wither away because they lack the passion which hope grants us. This passion can revitalize our soul in the times of agitations, imagine how the eyes of an earthquake victim lights up in sheer hope to see his loved ones freeing him from the catastrophic grief surrounding him. This light of hope has the power to electrify the dead cells of the greatest creation of God i.e. us ‘Humans’.

Thus, before we submit ourselves to the worldly vows of materialism, be sure to find a motive strong enough to hold you in the time of crises!


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2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. You summed up your thoughts intricately and beautifully and the net result is a thought provoking article as expected of you. When the chips are down and stagnancy creeps into one’s life the light at the end of the tunnel seems that much distant and hope gradually tends to fade out.

    Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Could not resist posting a quote from your favourite philosopher!

    Hope is a great harbinger of change and can bring an element of positivity to one’s life. For me the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is a classic example of never losing hope and the portrayal of Tim Robbins as the imprisoned banker and his innovative way of escaping the prison which took 20 years is an eye opener!!!

    Hope can also help you feel free of the shackles that surround a person and help them break to the path to freedom. Never give up hope till the last ball is bowled they say in the game of Cricket!

    Going through your old archives of articles is really a great treat for me and also thought provoking. Brilliant work Anam and you deserve a pat on the back for your innovative thoughts and it is a treat again and privilege to read your published articles.

    Best regards,

    Mohammad Farooq

    P.S I need your views on my comments and not a brief interlude!

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