In The Name Of Humanity!

With earphones pouring melancholic tunes in my heart, the wind slowly pulling me back from numbness, I felt a lot…a lot happening in my mind today on my way to university.

My eyes were closed, was stuffed in the seat and barely fixed my feet on the ground with a lot of strangers around me in the bus, but yet I tried to sort out the knots within my mind.
A look at the crowd; the rush they were in, the irritation they showed and their struggle to surpass each other in getting a seat, struck my mind. While some were trying to observe other people, others were already commenting on them. How they looked at each other and if their eyes met they pretended as if they were never looking, it was all a snapshot.
A snapshot which encompasses a whole ‘Lifetime’; just like you try to feel the ocean in an aquarium, you can also feel the livelihood of the humankind within a small bus.
People everywhere, some stuffed in seats, a few competing to get a seat and one or two pretending as if they don’t care about the seat at all. These people are of various ages and backgrounds. There are a few; elderly women and men maybe coming from work, teenagers coming from school or college and some middle aged fella’s.
A sheer look at their face can unravel the most vicious and ferocious features of human nature.
Beginning from the oldies; the ones sitting are looking at the youngsters with such a critical eye as if they loathe their each and every movement. But the ones standing are trying their maximum to look as friendly and motherly as possible (to get a seat of course). They pretend to look motherly to a person just until she sacrifices her seat for them and a few seconds later they start critiquing the same ‘adorable’ person. This small sight can show the selfishness which we try to conceal, the tactics we use to get our work done and the apathy we show in other’s hour of need.
The middle aged ones are no less in their cunningness and in their display of ‘unveiled humanity’. With all the stress and responsibilities aside, they are still dressed according to their own best standards. They laugh, pretend to be friends to one another and wave to those who are sitting in the opposite row. How angelic their whole persona is! They seem to be enjoying their journey after a tiring day. But if heard closely, they are backbiting to their neighbors about the same people sitting on the opposite row of benches. Shocked that you thought they are friends? Oh of course they are…hypocrisy is the baseline of friendship in the world of today!
Abhorred and tired, let’s review the youngsters who are still not exposed to the world of the ‘adult folks’. They look simple, cool, innocently beautiful and reserved. They are not talking to strangers, look indifferent and naïve. With iPods in their hands they’re busy on their cell phones, texting and talking to their friends. In the meanwhile they take a look across the bus and especially to any new member who enters the bus. If another cool or modern looking girl/guy enters…they become attentive. Their gaze becomes focused on the new entrants’ clothes. Look deeply in their gaze and attention, yes! They are jealous. They are threatened, just like an animal gets angry when a new and fresh animal enters the field.
Hypocrisy, jealousy, backbiting and bold tactics….The whole humanity kept in a bus of sixty people!
These sixty people remind me of my absurdities and my sins, as I’m also a part of them. They make me look back at my life and that realization is horrifying.
I feel stress as knots of friendship and hypocrisy cross their lines multiple times. Some friends turn out to be people you never knew and some people turn out to be friends you always wanted.
I feel joy as I relive a lot of hidden pleasures in small moments. I discover how joyful it was to dance the way I wanted to without anyone looking at me. It was my little of moment of happiness to find a coin in my jeans just when I was in desperate need of it.
I feel pain as I see how I intentionally or unknowingly I had hurt those who I loved the most. The valuables were undervalued and maltreated by me at some point in life.
I feel despised, as I had been an active user and bold player in the game of tactics too. Without realizing my intentional errors I had committed sins which are not worthy of forgiveness.
I feel broken as the astute animal of humanity comes in front me as a reflection. But it’s not just me or you; it’s all of us carrying a shrewd and concealed beast within us. We all see it in each other’s eyes and sense it in our ambiance, but we ignore it in the name of Humanity!
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One thought on “In The Name Of Humanity!

  1. This is surprisingly in my humble opinion the best piece you have written on your blog and either I am Mansplaining you soo much that I probably do not realize the shortcomings in your writings.

    For me the most important aspect is the way you express your feelings and emotions is what matters to me the most. The way you intricately define the inner feelings of a person, discern him/ her and observe the environment around yourself makes me wonder if you have great observational skills?

    Writing is not all about using the most difficult English words and ending up using a dictionary to read through. You write in a simple,lucid and innocent manner, although I have my doubts if you are an innocent soul in real life :P!

    Your innocence and your feelings and mode of expression you write in is what I greatly appreciate and has made me read through your archive. Excellent work Anam. Keep it up and stay Happy always cannot see you upset :).

    Best regards,

    Mohammad Farooq


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