Past, a four letter word which encompasses thousands of emotions, countless memories and even more regrets.

Sometimes when I’m with you, I realize how difficult it is to let go of the past and even more difficult to forget the mistakes you made at that time.

Each and every moment I spent with you, runs like a flashback in my veins. It reminds me, how happy we were together ….a wholesome family!

But then you left, leaving a space which will never be filled in the coming times. As you left you forgot to tell me that you won’t be coming back ever again.

I with my hope waited and waited to make things right with you, as I in my wildest dreams didn’t imagine that you will never come back.

But you knew it all the time, that now we all have to survive with those memories you left with us. Then you come back and visit us for a few times. Just like the rain fills the dried wells in deserts after years of abandonment.

Wait, but what if the rain forgets to visit the forest for years? That won’t be abandonment! It would be revenge or an attempt of murder rather.

But I still can’t accept it that those days are gone and will never come back again. Those memories which I was so naïve to cherish at that time now don’t leave my mind for a moment …

Come back; don’t go…as you might get whatever you want there but the lost happiness can never come back

Each moment spent without you is like a year wasted while searching for a ray of light in the midst of darkness!

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3 thoughts on “Past!

  1. A tale of huge imagination, deprievness, loneliness and passion, affection and reflextion of emotions and devotion about somebody or something so special mortal or immortal. still not completely undertsand the story.

  2. Memories are a past recollection of events which always remain stored in our hard drive ie our brain! See memories leave a lot to be desired, some are memorable and some leave a really bad taste. The key is not to let our past affect our present and future.

    Cherish those good memories that you have had in your lifetime and always bring them up when your morale is down to cheer yourself up. I distinctly believe that nothing comes good of contemplating about our past, I did it a lot and trust me I have suffered a lot.

    When you dwell in the past too much you go into reverse mode and it’s like rewinding a movie back from its starting or initiation point! The truth of the matter lies in the fact that we can neither rewind our past and go back and change it and it’s a pointless and futile exercise which will only bring forth pain.

    See the only thing that you can learn from your past is the mistakes that you have committed and are in a position to rectify them so they do not affect you in your present and future life. Never EVER let your past haunt your present! It not only hurts your relationships but also affects a person’s morale to a great extent. I myself have switched into this hibernation mode of past events and totally forgotten about what great things my present and future could hold for me!

    You are an amazing writer and a talent I am extremely jealous off. I wish I had the talent that you possess and would have ended up conquering the world! I am a huge huge fan of yours whether you like it or not I do not care! I am in love with your writings!

    Best of luck.

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