Connect with the Souls!

My hands are on my keyboard…writing and writing….words which come to my mouth, words which come from my soul, words which connect, words which unveil….but those are words, all stationary, all pointless, all dead or may be not even once alive.

How can these words connect my heart to my soul?  How can small black symbols represent what I am at that moment?

I have been using the pen to express my feelings through words since I was 8. I used to write poems, illustrate stories and sketch still life with the pen and pencil I was given in my school. I remember how at night I would sit in the room when everyone was asleep and think of words, which when combined, accumulated a poem.

Slowly time passed by, I began to express my thoughts in acting, singing, poems, stories or even through exaggeration of my daily activities. I had a fair idea that I needed an outlet to explore the emotions which were somewhere on the boundary of emotion and fantasy.

But returning back to the question…are these words actually living the life that I try to make them live? Are they just symbols or a full being, possessing the emotions I have poured into them.

Then one day, I decided to reread some pieces that I had written before and see if there was the energy present in them which had once transferred through the letters of a keyboard.
But if the energy is gone, then was the energy which was once transferred now dead? I felt sorrowful for those moments in which my words had gone a waste!I kept on reading and reading for a while, but every article seemed to me bland as I had already seen them and the exploration was like hoping to find something new in a recipe in which you yourself didn’t add anything new.

Then one day I was watching a movie and my thoughts swirled again to the dead energy. I thought that when the maker of this movie watches it he might not feel the urge to continue watching it, similarly, I when tried to reread the words I had written I couldn’t find them interesting or alive. But when someone for the first time reads them and absorbs the meanings; the soul of the words, the passion of my creativity and the power of my emotions, must’ve been transformed into emotions and flown to the reader’s mind.

I feel anxious when the movie is a thriller, similarly, the reader must be feeling the feelings I had transmitted through my words. My words are alive but only then till a subject absorbs their energy. And when they are exhausted for a subject, they are rejuvenated and ready to be absorbed by another subject.

This is how creativity without the judgment of good or bad…flows…flows from one person to another through the medium of words or paint brushes, movie cameras or sheer expressions. This is the way we make dead things like a canvas alive and consistently share our souls with others!


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