Happy Soul Searching…. :D

Awake, in the middle of the night…writing random stuff and reading books makes you realize that how eager you are to invest your time in something other than ‘sleeping’.

I just graduated a few weeks ago…with no burden on my shoulders and no pressure to read , study or write, I am still awake at 2 am and writing an article which might not be even read by a lot of people. Some might find it boring, some might ignore it when I post it on my site and others will completely unsubscribe from my newsfeed. With no popularity whatsoever, I am still wasting my time over a pile of words, jumbled and mingled according to my creativity. I am exhausted because I just came back from shopping around midnight. I have a little fever with occasional coughing and sneezing coupled with a running nose. And yet, I am writing and all set to post it on my website by tonight, as if someone is desperately waiting to read it :P.

Why am I writing this? There must be a reason. When we are students, we are pushed to study. When we are children we are scolded to do the chores. When we are youngsters, we are deficient in our motivation. But when we are free, with no pressures and no fear of being driven by others towards our goals, we start putting in the time we could have wasted in sleeping or anything unproductive.

I am writing this, because for me it’s a source of pleasure yet an opportunity for soul searching. I can pour my heart down to these words, while I’m travelling and flying over the horizons of my dreams! One place to another, I am here and also there….I am unraveling many things that were there yet undiscovered….I am experiencing an urge to loosen my nerves to the voice of my inner conscience….I don’t feel embarrassed in sharing my dreaded childish fear with this soul….while I press the keys on the keyboard, my fingers pass a stream of vibrant electricity to my nervous system, this stream awakens my hidden desires of knowledge….desires which are yet unveiled but desired since always.

Some might dance, sing, may be even drive or do anything to do unravel there hidden inner-self. But as soon you as learn to communicate with that inner drive, your goals, moral, values and passions, all begin to come in line with what you eventually do in your life. You know what you are good at, you know what you moralistic demands are but when you know  your inner conscience and your soul…that is when all the things get amalgamated to give a direction in your life…… 😀


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