Piety, Miscalculated?

Oh do you hear the sounds? Sounds from the mosque, announcing the beginning of the most auspicious month of the year?

Ramadan begins…a month, where all Muslims, black or brown, pious or corrupt, we all fast in this month of blessings. Hoping, that our Lord will forgive us, we neither eat nor drink anything, all day long till the sun goes down. Extrinsically keeping up our virtuous image or intrinsically maintaining our dutiful soul, we fast and fast throughout the month.

Despite my sins, negligent attitude towards prayers, indulgence in the world more than hereafter and hence, despite of being a Muslim in the most rugged form, I was fasting & praying on these days. To make sure, that I don’t miss out on those blessings, special blessings that God will shower upon me in this month.

Dried lips and parched tongue…I was randomly waiting for those last ten minutes to pass by, before I could drink a cold glass of water. On the television, they showed how poor families were unable to afford the luxurious aftaris that we enjoyed everyday. I was so annoyed by those videos and was desperately waiting for those ten minutes to pass. But then, my mind just stopped, time slowed down and I started thinking with my weird thinking cap on! Here I am, didn’t eat or drink anything since morning, praying like a monkey to get my wishes through to Allah, but what good does it make to Allah Almighty?

My father’s Taraweh, my mother’s Aftari delights or my sehri skipping to lose weight…all of these, do they have any whatsoever significance in the eyes of the Lord? Well, what good would I do to anyone including Him by doing this? I know its all to control my Nafs (my desires). But isn’t this all pretention? Yes pretending to be pious while desperately waiting for the month to end? No real change does this bring in our lives? We stop eating, fine, but do you seriously believe your Nafs or the devil only deals through your stomach?

Do you stop in Ramadan, when the devil provokes you to ignore the traffic signal, do you control it?

Poor naked children running in the canal and your one look of abhorrence, for your information, that is also the devil!

We love our daughters, but when we look for our daughter in laws, we don’t take a moment to humiliate those girls. Aren’t those the beloved of their mothers?

We might hold a Tasbeeh in our hand 24/7, but if we’ve hurt the heart of another person, the Lord only Forgives when the person forgives! Prayed five times, amazing you are….but just bribed the traffic officer, just miscalculated piety?

Your servant woke you up for Sehri and you forgot to feed him? Is that what the Benevolent Lord taught about your servants?

Loved, adored and obeyed your parents, but just insulted your old driver for not being on time without knowing the reasons behind it? Isn’t Allah Almighty watching you now?

Oh Prayers, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat…are all these enough to let you get away with the sins you commit every moment? Of course, these are some Ibadat, we Muslims are obliged to perform. But a bad human with perfect prayers….does that sound right?

Didn’t Allah put the Rights of His people before His Rights?

I am not an Atheist, or anyone to criticize you or your prayers!

But I shall respect Good Humans & trying to be Good Muslims before those who are Bad Humans & yet trying to be Good Muslims!

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4 thoughts on “Piety, Miscalculated?

  1. You become a good human by praying, fasting, zakat and other acts of worship. These are specifically designed to purify you, so you become a good human, among other ends.

    So these acts of worship are like different kinds of polish on a dirty shoe. If a applying a polish upon a shoe doesn't clean it, or doesn't make it shine, it means there is a mistake in the way polish is applied. It does not mean applying polish doesn't clean dirty shoes. The way to go, is to keep applying polish, while analyzing the methods, correcting the faults in it, refining it. And one day, it will make the dirty shoes shine.

    Also one should take that piece of gum stuck to the shoe (that's the wretched things you mention) off while applying the polish! Scrubbing just helps in this.

    I liked the post.

    • Firstly, Saad thanks alot for appreciating the post.
      Secondly, you have misunderstood my point, i have assumed that any Muslim is obliged to do all these Ibadaat and not doing isn\’t an option I have considered.
      Rather, I have stressed is to couple these with Haqooq ul Ibaad & good Ikhlaaq is also a \’necessity\’ since Allah Almighty can forgive you for missing His Qaqooq but when you hurt a fellow Human you will not be forgiven until that person forgives you.
      If a person in my perspective, is performing all these Ibadaat and not doing Haqooq ul Ibaad, then I don\’t believe He should stop performing those too, but i believe that he shouldn\’t start considering himself complete just on the basis of those Ibadaat. I hope you get my point now,

      • Totally, putting it this way, it seems very sensible. In fact — and don't you get offended!, it's not offensice — it's what ulema and mashaikh have been telling all along. To get the spirit of Islam right, not just the rituals.

        When you say you think they're both , you're dead right!

        I just assumed (sorry!) the 'miscalculated' implied some things were 'not so important'. We're both saying the same thing.

        I hope I get to read more psychology posts!

        • hehe i don\’t get offended in fact i appreciate that you read the lengthy comment lolz
          And after posting i realized,what you said was quite almost similar to what i said !
          Thanks alot, I\’ll post more in psychology, but mostly i use layman\’s terms to make it easier! :D. Keep reading 😀

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