To Err Is Human…

When we are young, we believe that mistakes and lessons are only limited to the spark of this age. But unfortunately, we are wrong my friends!

Age is a matter of fact for youngsters and a worthless number for elders. When young, we make a mistake and don’t hesitate if scolded for the same. Then we enter puberty; things like ego and stubbornness, over little issues, is a general problem of this age. Yet we do learn lessons from our mistakes, well most of us at least. It’s the emergence of terms like ‘individuality’ and ‘personality’ marked with the formation of Ego (not Freudian).

Then we all are subjected to reality, we go through the adversities of life in our middle age, which mostly hardens our ego. Slowly and gradually as we reach the old age we have already developed a very clear notion of the society and the norms within it.

What’s practical or not, what is right or wrong, gibberish or amazing? We define these terms psychologically and unconsciously based on our experiences.

Now comes the ‘Old age’; where we have witnessed ‘life’ in its crude form, more than twice the time of a teenager or even a young adult. Good or bad, harsh or benevolent, life has taught us something in every possible way and we believe that ‘our experience’ is far more profound than anyone else especially the youngsters. We believe that our values ought to be treated as sacred or at least superior to youngsters in terms of practicality and righteousness.
But what we forget is that the notions we preach, the beliefs we religiously follow and the critique we present are based on perhaps a wide life span, but a collection of only certain experiences. Its not necessary that what we experienced as a teenager was the legitimate and the only possible way of living through this crucial age.
We dismiss the fact that for someone maybe a single experience is sufficient to teach a lesson of a lifetime, while others take years to inculcate the same. We disregard, that sometimes we were wrong also, as eternal righteousness can’t be claimed by a human. Alas! We in our old age refuse to accept that dynamism & exuberance is necessary to bring a revolutionary change.

Old age; an age filled with experience and worthy of respect, an age deserving reverence and looked upon for guidance, it must not be replaced or confused as an age of sanctified.

Mistakes & errors accompany us till we perish; hence, the demand of sanctity on the basis of age  is a sheer addition to your lifetime mistakes!

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3 thoughts on “To Err Is Human…

  1. Mistakes are a part of human's nature. Definitely these are not related to age and human beings of every age are use to do mistakes. However, the important thing is to learn from mistakes rather than repeating and repeating the same.

  2. I neglected this piece of yours and never had the chance to comment back on it. Mistakes are a part and parcel of life and you cannot be correct all the time. Being prone to mistakes is a human trait, but regardless of age if you refuse to admit them, then you are prone to becoming stubbornness and being resistive to change.

    By accepting your mistakes and admitting them is a start, but the most significant issue is to initiate the process of rectification and try to make it sure that it never takes place. As you have rightly pointed out, old people with their traversety of life experiences tend to think that what they are preaching is right, but analogously have you ever thought what kind of treatment they were metted out for a mistake of theirs that their bitterness is reflected in their behavior and actions? No human being is born perfect and the ability to strive and having the flexibility to adapt to different circumstances is a human and I dare say an animal trait.

    Circumstances can make you do things which at times even people like us cannot even dream about! As they say in Urdu :’Insaan Ghaltiyon ka putla hai’

    Keep writing and once again I REPEAT have some element of decency in acknowledging the feedback people leave and it is courtesy to share your views if you find something wrong with it.

    Sad, I have to keep on reiterating this in every feedback of mine and intellectually speaking a healthy discussion can lead to a greater discourse ‘Awkwardly Socialist Feminist and a Twisted Philosopher’!

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