Pakistan….A day of Sadness

Reading a novel makes us sentimental….A news piece makes us restless…. A beggar invokes frustration & guilt….

Countless emotions and thousands of expressions….

When you see a child who was martyred in Gaza, you cry! You feel sad or at least heavy hearted for some time. When you find a dead cat laying at the corner of a street in a puddle of mud…you feel disgruntled with the lack of empathy shown by the people towards this little body.

Many other small moments can be exemplified as the ways we feel and express our emotions. But I believe I should rather come to the point which needs more emphasis than the background theory behind it.

So we feel pity for the destitute, anger at the government, fiery when someone pinpoints our religion…but the question is do we realize we can be the cause of such intense emotions for others?

You might feel quizzical over this question raised, but we all are somewhere the cause of provoking such negative and fierce emotions in others. The question is who those ‘Others’ are? Who are the prime targets of our unconscious provocative actions?

We all protest against the religious and cultural ethnocentrism shown by ‘The Westerners’ towards our ‘culture’. But do we realize the magnitude of Ethnocentrism practiced by us? Do we ever observe what happens when we treat someone from another subculture as an alien to ours?

Ever tried to be in the shoes of the ‘Muslims’ we segregate as Shias or Sunnis, the ones targeted as a ‘Cultural Deviant Group’ just because they follow their own beliefs. When a Christian criticizes a Muslim, this is sheer Cultural & Relational violence. But what about when we crack jokes about the Aftar timings of a Shia who probably is a part of our social group? The Muharram and Shia Mournings not accepted? Or the other way round, When Shias show abhorrence with the way Sunnis perform their Religious requirements/Ibadat?  Isn’t this also Cultural Violence, rather an extremity because here the target is of the same religion and just another Sect!

The man of a Thousand Emotions…how could you not witness the cruelty you perform when you segregate the men in the black dresses from the men in white in Muharram? When you loathe them for the way they pray?

Oh don’t you remember they pray to the same Allah? They bow down to the Same Lord….Our Lord…Our Allah!

This is sheer violence…when you see the men mourning over the death of Hussain (R.A) and don’t feel the pain. I am a Sunni, but does it lessen the pain of the Shuhada-e-Karbala? The beloved Grandson of Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) martyred brutally ….it makes my eyes wet too, it makes me tumultuous and tears away a portion of my heart too.

Though we differ on certain arrangements in Islam with the Shias, but the core beliefs are the Same! Same Lord, Same Prophet (P.B.U.H)…yet no pain?

More than a 4700 Shias have been martyred so far in Sectarian Violence in Pakistan, since 1989. Today November 22nd 2012, a day when 4 blasts were recorded in 4 provinces while 3 were targeted at the Shia Majalis. Isn’t this sheer brutality against our Muslim Shia brothers and sisters? Islam orders us to love, tolerate even Non-Muslims and what do we do? We demarcate a boundary between Muslims as the ones We accept & the ones We don’t?

Whenever a blast or a bullet thrashes the flesh of a Shia…the blood & the flesh leaves a wound on the body called Pakistan. When this body is full of internal wounds, what’s the need of external forces against this Islamic nation?

The internal wounds will gradually weaken it till the body deteriorates and falls down itself…but when it falls down, the cause will be these inner organs….

The cause will be these countrymen, the men of thousand emotions & still Heartless!


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