The Others…

When we go out, out of our home, school, college or whatever is our comfort zone, we reach the zone of ‘The Others’.

Whenever there are unfamiliar people around us, we are in the zone of others. This zone makes it’s first appearance the day we enter this world. Initially it envisages the whole world…from our parents to everything except us. Then gradually the zone starts shrinking.

We become comfortable with our parents, our nanny…slowly slowly the comfort zone of expands to our siblings and a few uncles and aunts. Then we enter the play stage where we gain a few others friends entering our lives from the ‘others’ zone. A few people keep on crossing the path, yet the zone of ‘the others’ remains bigger and stronger than the comfort zone.

While we are learning how to make friends, we are learning what the ‘Appropriate ways’ of behaving name it mannerisms or etiquette. The times passes by while many things are gushed upon us by the society which includes what are we expected to do, how are we expected to behave, who are we expected  to be with and the list continues.

We grow up and so does the list continues, it brings people within our comfort zones and deletes a good few too. The more we learn that how are we ‘expected’ to be, the more difficult the zone of the ‘the others’ begin. We eat, sleep, drink, write and eventually ‘Think’ the way we are ‘Expected’ to.

This anticipation is what acts as a trauma of our generation and perhaps the generation before us as well. The trauma which has transformed our thinking pattern and it now only takes the route which is the ‘Right route’. Now, our cognition is programmed to work in the direction that is already encrypted by the society. Our physical actions are in the zone of ‘the others’ when we’re around strange faces, but our cognition is in a constant state of flux and distress. Flux i.e. whether to approach a situation the way we want to or not? Distress because we won’t choose any way which is different from the one prescribed by the norms.

How traumatic this constant pressure is… excruciating the soul and the mind, while the body appears perfectly apposite and tranquil. This zone of ‘The others’ has captured not only our mental stability but also the innovation and creativity which every soul possesses.

We can’t wear, eat, sleep and “Live” in a way which is not stipulated by the norms. I don’t say that we should defy the norms, but I firmly believe that to live a “Free Life” we ought to let the mental processes float beyond the imaginary boundaries of the society. Only that way we shall progress, prosper and actually attain Freedom!


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One thought on “The Others…

  1. ‘Now, our cognition is programmed to work in the direction that is already encrypted by the society.’

    This statement of yours sumps everything, ‘Socially Awkward Feminist & Twisted Philosopher’! We are programmed robots that are set to perform certain tasks and the capability to innovate and think out of the box is disabled by default! Cruel Society!

    The role of the programmers our are parents, siblings and the society around us. It keeps normal people aside ‘ you’ obviously to stick to the ‘Societal Notions’ that we are enveloped in and brought around in.

    You hit the perfect ‘Home Run” with this article! Well done.

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