Deceiving Others or Yourself?

Cover your head, close your eyes or keep a beard….is this going to boost your religiosity? Is this what religion is all about? Is this what measures your piety?

Going a notch higher on the ‘piety’ scale is all that matters! But what we forget in the middle of this struggle to go higher is that Piety will be measured by the Lord and it should solely be ‘For’ the Lord. Creating perceptions of Piety in the eyes of the observers won’t give you anything but some acclamation by the spectators. He knows your heart, your intentions inside out! He will judge you on the basis of your intentionality rather than your pretentiousness. He will gauge what you think and feel before judging your actions.

You can keep two faces; one for the world and one for yourself, but for Him it’s the latter which matters. Not the manifestation rather it’s the insinuation which counts! Friendly conversations, commendations, adulations or helping gestures, nothing matters if the objective is to earn a certain reputation ‘only. Hypocrisy is a trait which can take you to places in this life and make you stagnant when it comes to afterlife.

It’s not about letting go off the thought of creating a reputation rather it’s about bringing your thoughts in line with your actions.

Many a times we try to purify our repute but what we forget is that pristine intentions are necessary for actually a good reputation in front of the Lord.  Our Lord gauges us on what we are not on the basis of what we look like.

We can manipdeceptionulate the way our friends see us but the Lord looks at what we actually feel inside. We can have a beard to deceive others but our sins and intentional sins are all like an open book for Him.

It’s very convenient for us to use words like ‘diplomacy’, indulge in gossips and backbiting and backstab others. No matter how skilfully we execute our small acts of treason and hypocrisy, we can’t escape the results in Afterlife.

I’m not saying that negative emotions ought to be displayed but rather I’m asking you to tone down your internal emotions. Tone down, think and try to set right your priorities. Try to set them in accordance with your goals in life; don’t deceive yourself and the world. If you think that afterlife is important and yet you indulge in this self deception, then you need to explore and reorganize your deeds and actions. Self deception is where you deceive the world with a religious image and actually stick to immoral motivations, but this won’t help. Calm down, reiterate what’s important and then decide whether it’s the Lord, the people and/or this world!

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2 thoughts on “Deceiving Others or Yourself?

  1. We can hide our insidious thoughts and keep everything negative inside our brains but the reality of what a person is known to him extremely well and that is what we call self conscience. If knowing what you are and what lies in the afterlife for us the whole mankind would shiver!

    Self deception can only make a person more susceptible to negativity and lead us further into the deeper pits of darkness which will only arouse hatred, intrigue and a belief of self- righteousness. As we enter those deeper pits and envelop ourselves with the depth of darkness we are only lead further astray from God and embrace Evil to achieve our desired goals. You may achieve short term and long term goals by manipulating others but the sins committed by hurting others and damaging relationships you will only be paid back in the same coin and in this very world and trust me there are many living examples we can quote from.

    Repent always and ask for Forgiveness from God for all the sins committed and pray that we follow the path to righteousness rather than being lead astray to doing wrong things.

    Stay blessed Anam and keeping writing these thought provoking articles and thanks for exploring such a topic which is deeply embedded in our societal heritage!

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