Living: An illusion…

From sipping our morning coffee to packing our bags when the clock strikes 5, from stuffing ourselves with  pizzas and burgers to cooking ourselves cheese omelettes when home alone!

Life is hectic, ruthless & sometimes very boring.


The day starts & ends with a ludicrously boring routine. Apart from enjoying a few snacks here & there, rubbing our shoulders with a few friends & a couple of minutes break from work, we have nothing more interesting to brag about!

We try to depict our lives to be as fantastic & glamorous as a Hollywood celebrity on Facebook…as literate & thought provoking as Ghazali on Twitter,  but our reality won’t change by what we pretend to be like!

From meeting friends to going out on dinners, we’re not living rather just creating an illusion that we live. We pretend to have the best brands, extravagant colognes & exquisite meals, but what we forget is the original ‘us’ which existed before we started living a fake life!

I visit twitter and I see people tweeting stop NATO supply, no drones & supporting Dharnas for no good/valid reason! amazingly, they can’t even spell the full form of NATO,  have no clue about deaths by drones & can’t understand what the Dharna is about!

I visit facebook and I see people posting quotes & living the most amazing lives you can ever imagine. But when I hang out with them I realize how much they actually live the moment and how much they pretend to live!

It’s not that I’m against this ostentatious life of social media, but I’m against it when it takes us a step forward to turn illusion into forgery.

We’re the older ones for Facebook & Instagram, we’ve had lives without it and we know the difference. But our coming generations would probably be the ones most grotesquely assaulted by this bogus lifestyle. We jog one day and turn out to be the athletes on Facebook…. & our genext will probably just photoshop a jogging picture and ace it. Okay, it wasn’t probably the best depiction but I hope you get my point!

I just want to let everyone know that it’s absolutely OK to connect with your oldies, to stay updated and to keep posting updates. But in the middle of it, don’t forget that it is also absolutely alright to enjoy a moment without updating others. I will suggest you all that the  next time when you go out: don’t take pictures, no instagram, just see, absorb & breathe freely! :)

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