Your Aspirations….Not Truly Yours?

Graduated in 2012, working as an executive and looking forward to achieving my ever growing wish list…I’m sure many of you can relate to my current scenario, exuberant spirits and optimistic outlook towards life.


Let’s go a step back and analyze how I developed this wish list overtime. Majority of the items were populated based on the societal norms and stereotypes imposed upon me. Exposure to media created this idealistic image of a successful woman of our generation, with a list of pre-requisites. These pre-requisites crept into my mind unconsciously and started creating an agenda of their own. I was too indulged to take notice of what’s happening, till the time these ideas were ingrained in my persona.

As a kid, I aspired to be as cute as Phoebe, as hilarious as Joey, as cool as Hannah Montana, as vivacious as Lindsay and as smart as Sherlock Holmes. My model characteristics and traits were more guided by these fake idols rather than my natural instincts. I desired to achieve popularity, go around the world in 80 days, buy a brand new Mercedes and live in a huge bungalow.

My ideal life didn’t encompass happiness, emotional comfort, values or morals as ultimate goals; rather it was more about perfect physical characteristics coupled with social status and compliance.

It’s weird how I never took out time to analyse, shortlist and modify what I was heading for! I was working continuously towards a set of goals which were never mine…

This leads me to the query of what is our generation heading towards? There are a lot items we desire but we never question! We never question why we want it or what good is in it for us?

Let’s ask ourselves: Why do we need to wear brands even if we don’t feel the need to? Why do we need a 5 star hotel vacation package when we can have fun in our bed with that old torn novel we’ve always loved?  Why aim for billions when we can fulfill our needs with a couple of thousands? Why vie for that attire which doesn’t define our personality?

Why that ideal life, husband and children when it’s actually unconventionalities making life more interesting? Why push ourselves to achieve the epitome of something which is not truly us?


It’s not that we can’t be as rich as Bill Gates, as powerful as Obama or as adventurous as Captain Jack…but it’s more about defining our aspirations which are aligned with our intrinsic contentment. Our goals shouldn’t be just defined by the standards super imposed by media rather they should be aligned with our inner satisfaction.  And we can reach there by asking a lot of wills and whats to ourselves!

Will I be content when I leave my parents in their hour of need? Will I be held accountable if I don’t explore God and religion whole-heartedly? Will I be happier if I don’t choose teaching just because the world loathes it as a profession? What’s the good in spending our life according to the world and not ourselves?

Let’s wait for a moment and deliberate upon the ultimate destination of our current pathway, incorporate what actually means something and cancel out all the unnecessary inputs!

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4 thoughts on “Your Aspirations….Not Truly Yours?

  1. Aslamoallacom Anam,
    Well this is 1st time i am going through your thoughts. and glad to see that you feel life in its true spirit which is very rare. Actually we have become slaves of selfish thoughts, overburdened wishes & unwanted sacrifices, this has completely dried our soul from inside. We are running after everything without any reason and in the effort to fulfill our infinite hunger we have lost else where.
    For me the ultimate satisfaction is to stay gratifies for what Allah Tallah has endowed to you….

    • Walaikum Assalam

      Thank you so much for taking out the time to go through my articles.

      I agree to your every single word and honestly running after desires is what we all do! we all are a part of this culture and we need to work on it individually

      May God bless you :)

  2. Salam,

    Thank you for these thoughtful and inspirational writings.

    I don’t know if you are an introvert but the book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain is very fascinating. It helped me in understanding myself. The book may be relevant not only to your this piece of writing but also some of your other writings like “Is this the real YOU? (Oct. 2012)”, “The Others… (Dec. 2012)”, “Are We Living A Good Life? (June 2013)”. Even if you are not an introvert, you might have met one like a family member, a friend, a person in workplace or university, so understanding introverts (and their ‘powers’) helps us both in personal life and workplace. The author has a TED talk as well. Brene Brown is another author and speaker whose research themes include vulnerability, shame, courage, authenticity, and empathy. She has a few TED talks as well. Many of your ideas in your writing reminded me of her talk.

    And lastly, thank you for reminding me about the most important person in my life, my mother. I sometimes forget how much I missed her along with my family when I was away from home studying in hostels of my school, college and university for almost ten years.

    Stay Blessed.

  3. Walaikum Assalam,

    Thanks a lot for taking out time to go through these posts. I am indeed very interested in understanding introversion & extroversion as human traits & I will definitely try to find this book by Susane Cain.
    But what\’s more surprising is that you\’ve actually picked and pointed the articles dealing with different angles of the same message. Your feedback is very motivating and makes me realize that this blog is a worthwhile activity.
    And as per reminding you about your mom is concerned…your love for your mom has been there, this was just a refresher :)

    I would like to thank you and welcome your critique and opinion on any of the articles or even the blog itself.

    Thanks a lot


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