Mirror Mirror!

From bed to the shower and then rushing towards the car, I didn’t get the time to put on my lipstick. The thought of not having it made me feel so incomplete as if I was missing an integral part of my personality.


Feeling irritated and under confident, I rushed towards the restroom right after the morning meeting was over. Took out the brightest lipstick, smudged it with a lip gloss, and here, I looked perfect.Every single day, most of us ladies practice this routine in front of the mirror. Trying to attain that ideal look coupled with neatly straightened hair and a flawless top to add the last touch.

It’s more than a routine; it has become a ritual for every single woman i.e. the act of achieving our best look before we face the world. Our self esteem is directly linked with our physical appearance and meekly impacted by other variables like work, knowledge, professional achievements, relationships etc.

At the end of the day, we’re more than a pretty face!

We ought to be more than a pretty face, because this face won’t last for more than a couple of years. No matter how expensive make up accessories we buy, it won’t hide the wrinkles time will weave on our skin.

It’s better to make a relationship with ourselves which will last more than the relationship we maintain with our physical appearance. A relationship where a bad hair day won’t shatter our confidence, a relationship where we will look at the mirror and analyze what we can achieve not what’s wrong with our lipstick….long story short, let’s rethink and scrutinize the weightages we’ve assigned to our personalities…it’s time to accept that we are more than what we look like and that’s when we’ll grow beyond our imagination! :)

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