Be yourself!

It’s all a myth…myth of relationships, myth of friendships, myth of heartbreaks and myth of heartaches. Spending our lives trying to strike a balance between emotions and rationality….finding a rationale for our emotional acts and justifying our ruthlessness by placating others!


The human nature is all about whitewashing shades of grey and changing it to black if the need be. We’re all controlled and twisted by this inner need to justify ourselves and align with the given environment.

Why do we need to constantly go with the flow? Why do we need to assign certain norms to our emotions? Why hide behind a mask which is just at the surface?

It’s not conscience, conscience never hides, it either stops the person or ends itself. It’s just the inner urge to not be an outlier, the inner desire to create a certain perception about ourselves and to stick to everyone’s expectations.

This is the core of everything we go through or pretend to go through. We react according to what the situation demands and society prescribes, not what our heart says…

Only if we could try to control our heart and soul rather than letting it live under the fear of the society, it would solve a thousand problems. Societal issues of gender, stereotypes, prejudice and religious discrimination, everything will vanish only we accept that we’re all different. The courage to break the myths will lead to freedom of the heart and soul….

However, this doesn’t imply that we cross the boundaries of sin and evil, this just implies of facts which are cultural impositions not ethical obligations. Let’s take a break today and think about the hypocrisy that exists within us. Sometimes we’re not even familiar with our own true feelings and thoughts, let’s not hide who we are for the sake of others…for once, give it a shot!

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4 thoughts on “Be yourself!

  1. Great post – poetic and eloquently expressed. What you describe so well is our constant challenge as human beings to live as our true selves and not our egos and to do so from a place of love instead of fear. Your site is beautiful.

    • Thanks a lot Lisa for taking out time to go through my blog posts, appreciated :)
      And exactly, I write mostly about unraveling the true human nature and have strong belief in sense of freedom

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