We don’t love our mothers…

Through thick and thin, through highs and lows, the only thing that works for us is the fact Bondthat everything comes to an end, but not for her. She literally follows the same redundant routine day and night for many years. Without complaining, she bears every pain even beyond an average human’s threshold. While we whine about early office hours and lack of sleep, she wakes up before everyone even on a Sunday. I can go out to break the monotony, but she always sticks around awaiting everyone’s attention and yet doesn’t complain if no one bothers to return her calls!

“You’re too old to understand!”, “Please, don’t embarrass me in front of my friends”, “Will be out till late, have dinner” or “You don’t love me”. We all have said one of these statements to our mothers at some point in our life. We tend to forget that this one woman has borne so much just to make us what we are today.

1223- blogShe worked without a single leave, pampered us through our lives and stood by us in our failures. I remember how she celebrated my birthday for many days just because I didn’t have a friend at school. Whenever I fell, she held me together, without even crying out for help.

She could’ve led her life discounting that there is her loner geek daughter out there, who’s lonely at her birthday. She could’ve left me before I was grown up enough to leave her alone every single day, just to be with my ‘friends’. But she didn’t! she was always there, always…

And today when we’re all grown up, we’ve developed the audacity to leave her at the disposal of her circumstances? What we don’t reckon is that we can’t up make up for a single tear she has cried because of our waywardness. We can’t imagine what she has sacrificed to give us a pleasant living for many years. We can’t ever return her the youth she has spent in wiping our tears, cooking us food and giving us a ‘home’ to live in.

No! we don’t love our mothers, because we can’t love them enough. Nothing can be at par the love of a mother, the softness of her hands, the beauty of her wrinkles and the serenity of her voice. You and I, we are all guilty of taking her for granted and ignoring her at our discretion. We’re all guilty and we shall be if we don’t go back today and repent from the core of hearts.

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