The Average Man

What an incredible blend of laughter, sadness, melancholy, and ecstasy….life is just amazing isn’t it?
Sorrows, devastation, everything sometimes compel us to end Life. But we still live it!
Why? Why do we spend our time crying waiting for a shoulder to appease our excruciating soul?

This question sometimes is mind boggling, but sometimes it’s also a source of understanding a perception of life which is not just ‘Skin Deep’.
I like walking my way to my university or to travel by any local medium of transportation. To put it in rather common words, I enjoy every moment I spend observing the ‘Average man’ of Pakistan.

I am supposed to live my life in the boundaries of an ‘Elite’ class university, where everything just seems perfect. Everyone is accepting and everyone has the basic ‘Freedom’ to be the way they like to be. It’s perfect, just perfect!

Others might find this atmosphere interesting or the transformation of a dream world into reality. But for me, it’s just fake, the fakeness of accepting someone just to be the part of the ‘elites’. Fakeness, because so that we learn to hide your biases instead of eliminating them.

For me it’s suffocating because in fact it slowly and gradually diminishes the acceptance of a ‘Common Man’ within its circle. Everyone seems to be running to pretend to be the acceptor whereas at the same they all are afraid of becoming the one who needs acceptance!

I was also suffering from this acceptance trauma just like my fellow ‘Educational elites’ till a few months ago. Whenever I looked at a simple poor female travelling with her pack of 3 little children or an old slightly smelly old man…I simply loathed them. But then my inner accepting elite would ask me to be pretentious and to act as nice as I could.

But why was I pretending that way? And who did I want to satisfy with my pretension? It wasn’t I or my mind for sure, oh yes! It was my fellows and ‘Their Culture’.
I looked at those hands with scaly skin and a few blisters here and there on the feet of those women. I felt horrified, why did they work so much to earn just a piece of bread?
Their feet, supposedly a sign of beauty for all of us, but their’s were dried and withered. How did they survive with that?

A further more astonishing fact was the peace and self assurance I mostly saw on their faces. Though a few young ones did look at my fancy gadgets with a little glimmer in their eyes, but the elders never budged on whatever anyone else was doing.

Men, patches barely sewn onto their clothes, all messed up hair, tired and very dirty yet very serene as if their whole day was spent in an air conditioned car serviced by a chauffeur.
Why are they so happy? Neither money nor fame, neither home nor job…what do they have to be happy about?

This question bugged me and bugged me. On the other hand, when I looked at my ‘Elite fella’s’ we had barely nothing. Though we had money and our own home, a little bit of fame and all the facilities we could think of…yet we all seemed dissatisfied. All we had was this restlessness which was in much more excess than simple ambition. Our ambitions were rather encompassed in ‘Jealousy’, our competition was rather ‘Revenge’ and our passion was not to win but for ‘Others to Lose’.

On the contrary the poor, D class individuals had the wealth of trust, love and assurance which we all lacked. You can’t imagine the ecstasy a maid felt when her little baby enjoyed the bus by running around its corners. How ecstatic the dirty laborer was to see his stop coming…amazing!

We, we are never happy; we never enjoy such little things in our life. It could be that may be because our happiness is bound in the deception of money, fame and luxuries. We are so entrenched in pretending that sometimes we forget that what we originally are!
I love being with the common man…because he is the actual ‘Free’ citizen….who lives free of the labels society gives him. He enjoys what little things life has to offer:

Living his ‘Average life in an Extraordinary way’!

Diversity vs Yourself!

We “Humans” are surrounded by thousands of people where each of them is unique. We all are rare in our style and novel in our persona. But still we all have something in common….. We all witness, experience, internalize and visualize one thing i.e. ‘Diversity’.

Diversity is what inspires an artist to create something abstract…..In fact the word abstract itself is inspired from the complex human nature. How every human is quintessentially different….how each one of us extracts some unique aspect despite of belonging to the same environment. Same mother same father but each kid with different cognitions, with different aspirations and with different viewpoints. Isn’t it a marvel of God, Who gave us this uniqueness….Who made us a part of crowd yet the capability to reach a different destination through the same pathway.

Sometimes this diversity is so awe inspiring that we start demeaning the stability within us. We start following the ‘traits’ which appear to be a successful combination of fame, money and power. But this inadvertent disciple somewhere starts losing his own capacity to be different. This trend of following the trend somewhere disintegrates the persona we once possessed.

Once….only once we try to lose the track of our own personality and the next moment we don’t have one. Our life, our mind and hence our ‘unique’ existence is tied to the presence of self-acceptance. If we don’t or hesitate to accept our own existence……..That is the moment we start suffering from self-destruction.

It might appear trendy to be like the one you adore or it might be courageous to be’ You’ in front of the world. But remember neither the former means that you destroy your innate self for mere acceptance nor does the latter imply that you quit the Norms and be someone who is loathed by the world. There is always a middle ground…..Which essentially means that you neither lose yourself nor the world. This implies that you get ‘Yourself’ accepted in a worldly manner.

World has seen people like Oprah Winfrey who accepts her bluntness, fatness and age with grace and then makes the world love her for those apparently horrible traits. World has witnessed unconventionality in people like Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela and most prominently Bill Gates. These people stood up for who they are but they didn’t defy the norms. They accepted the values of the world but amalgamated them in their own way.

Getting Acceptance is never a situation of Do or Die….It is always about how you become the part of crowd with your own way of walking through it!