When I Will Retire!

Steve jobs retired, a pioneer of technology in this era of gadgets! but he too retired. He not only maintained a highly acclaimed brand on his shoulders but also experienced the fame of an international superstar.

Flashy cars, expensive lifestyle and extravagant desires….all were present at his door step. He was one of a kind tech guy who reached the pinnacle of fame for his alacrity. But he too retired!

What must be his feelings? Is he tired? Can you ever be tired of fame?

Can you ever have enough money that your urge to earn more Ends?

We never get that feeling do we? At least i don’t, i can’t even imagine myself getting tired of fame!

H ow difficult it is to imagine the state of mind of an individual who has lived the dream that many dreamt, how horrifying is it to imagine his life ‘after fame’…very, very difficult.

But somehow this instigates me to explore this part of life. Part of life, when I’ll be old and i will be ill. When I will be tired and unable to enjoy the most joyous things in the world. Will my life be over? Will I be perennially sad or will I live the new part of life ‘afresh’?

The answers to these questions depended on only thing i.e. the way I’ll feel about myself. The way i’ll interpret my life is the answer to all the queries.If there will be peace in my mind a bout my past , then only i will be content with my future. As i will get nearer to my death, i will get more critical of my sins. My heart will analyze the way i used my brain or may be abused it!

I might sometimes, while churning my bland food, think about the achievements of my life. If i had utilized my capacity to the best of my ability, i would be satisfied. Otherwise i might suffer from the cancer of regrets.

Were there things i wanted to do but couldn’t because of some office work? Were there desires of taking a career path which my parents loathed? And if there were, i would be dissatisfied…my old bones will not be capable of sustaining any activity and my heart couldn’t sustain the pain of not doing those things. Tears will come, when I’ll see a proud actor, a famous comedian, an estimable teacher or whatever I wanted to be.

So, no matter how nerve racking reality is, but it’s time to live up-to our expectations so that we might not end up dying a death of repentance.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important thing I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life…Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose” Steve jobs.



Unfathomable Love!

Pink dress, red shoes, mascara on eyelashes and slick pouch in hand….. A wallet full of money, Brand new Rado Swiss watch, Levi’s T-shirt and a brand new shining car….. A perfect date and a perfect match for everyone!

People these days have an image of a perfect couple and perfect love which either exists or doesn’t.

But what we tend to ignore is that love is an emotion so gigantic and unfathomable that it is almost beyond your reach to define it in a few sentences or even thousands of pages.

As we refer to the ‘Metaphorical Love’ i.e. the love for the creation of God we tend to disregard the fact that there can be no perfect love. A walk on the beach or a candle light dinner neither defines love nor expresses it, as it could be mere attraction or profound affection.

We nowadays tend to ignore the deepness of true love which can be intense for us to handle. On one hand, the intensity of true love can take the form of passion and rule the world…on the other it can burn you if you deny it!

‘Ishq’ in Urdu, ‘Eshq’ in Persian and Unfathomable Love in English refers to a situation when love takes its root in the heart of a lover; everything other than God is effaced. This ‘Ishq’ is not just for a person or a commodity …it can be a feeling or the urge to do what you want to….it can be the emotion which provokes you to do what you yearn for!

We see people truly madly deeply in love for each other these days; from young teens to middle aged matures….the slogan of ‘love’ is on everyone’s tongue. But the claim this ‘love’ makes embarrasses the ‘Ishq’ which is filled with passion, obsession and compassion.

Love is not the attraction you feel for another one …it’s not about just the gender, person, beauty or the heartbeat… rather it’s the agonizing craving to just think of the one you love…..it’s the passion to do what you love…..it’s the fervor to either make or break the system for your beloved’s desire…..it’s the feeling of ecstasy that the much-loved exists!

When the love reaches the zenith, the existence of the world doesn’t matter. Let the ‘Love’ be; your passion to be something or the craving to adore someone… each time when veracious love strikes…the person feels the seventh heaven!

Once you’re completely drowned in ‘Ishq’ the distinction for the right or wrong might get obscured…but this ‘Love’ always does the wrong by hurting one’s self. The guilt might diminish if your precious doesn’t grasp the fervor of your love…..the denial of your beloved can be the demise of your existence……

Though many claimants of ‘Love’ exist today and the ones who taste ‘ecstasy’ are very few….but the fewer ones lives forever!

I Wished!

With every minute passing, with each day crawling and with each year slipping away from my life…the wish to take control amplifies.

Each moment just enhances the anger, aggression and wrath burning within me. It’s very easy to dictate one to take control of his resentment and suppress it somewhere deep. But, when you see the one you love in pain, this resentment can take form of a fire which burns your capability to think and process.

Each moment of excruciation for your loved one becomes a moment of heart-ache for you…seeing the one who matters the most in a vulnerable state, you bleed somewhere inside. Continue reading