Your Aspirations….Not Truly Yours?

Graduated in 2012, working as an executive and looking forward to achieving my ever growing wish list…I’m sure many of you can relate to my current scenario, exuberant spirits and optimistic outlook towards life.


Let’s go a step back and analyze how I developed this wish list overtime. Majority of the items were populated based on the societal norms and stereotypes imposed upon me. Exposure to media created this idealistic image of a successful woman of our generation, with a list of pre-requisites. These pre-requisites crept into my mind unconsciously and started creating an agenda of their own. I was too indulged to take notice of what’s happening, till the time these ideas were ingrained in my persona.

As a kid, I aspired to be as cute as Phoebe, as hilarious as Joey, as cool as Hannah Montana, as vivacious as Lindsay and as smart as Sherlock Holmes. My model characteristics and traits were more guided by these fake idols rather than my natural instincts. I desired to achieve popularity, go around the world in 80 days, buy a brand new Mercedes and live in a huge bungalow. Continue reading

Dreams Die….

We all see dreams, we all visualize them with our eyes wide open… you did too right?

We all see what’s inside our heart and what we are capable of achieving!

Then you start getting older, probably reaching late teens and following a path formulated long ago by your parents. It’s not that they forced you to do so; it’s just easy to follow that.

The struggle to get in the best school and the fight to win the battle of board marks. The fight is so overpowering that the ability to look through things get to an unconscious part of our brain. The unconscious; which is not only hidden but it is hidden forever.

Soon you start spending the momentous time of your life, the university life. Freshmen….a nascent follower trying to adapt to the culture of the locals with no rationale of what lies beneath the superficiality. Sophomore, a time spent learning, enjoying and hoping to get used to the atmosphere of your university. Junior year, a realization of what talents you had when you were 15 and now what are you left with? Anyways we still continue enjoying what the university and others defined as enjoyment for us.

Finally the finale of your university life begins….thinking about the last few years and yet confused about your future is the next dilemma that awaits you. You enjoy and hope to get the best job out of every opportunity available.

Then you graduate, with a robe and degree you take picture and sooner or later you find a job. May be not in your dream organization but somewhere you’ll end up earning some good money and enjoying an independent life.

But now that unconscious dream of making it big starts breathing again!

You can’t sleep at night because the frustration of not actualizing your talents is somewhere still awake. You buried it! Yes! You buried it deep down…but in the corner of your spinal cord it still possesses a space to pull adrenaline in your veins.

You suddenly seem depressed because that adrenaline is now dead….making you feel dead. The death of your dreams due to your own cowardice, family’s pressure or anything in the world is ultimately affecting you. You are married, have two cute kids and want to see them in the best corporate world making millions or want to marry your daughters to the best husbands available in the world who will provide them comfort. But unconsciously what you want might lead to the death of their dreams….might kill what was just killed inside you! You lived the life of a human just leaning over success or blindly following the epitomes of a happy family but did you attain happiness?

Think about it……since there is always an opportunity yet unveiled….


When I Will Retire!

Steve jobs retired, a pioneer of technology in this era of gadgets! but he too retired. He not only maintained a highly acclaimed brand on his shoulders but also experienced the fame of an international superstar.

Flashy cars, expensive lifestyle and extravagant desires….all were present at his door step. He was one of a kind tech guy who reached the pinnacle of fame for his alacrity. But he too retired!

What must be his feelings? Is he tired? Can you ever be tired of fame?

Can you ever have enough money that your urge to earn more Ends?

We never get that feeling do we? At least i don’t, i can’t even imagine myself getting tired of fame!

H ow difficult it is to imagine the state of mind of an individual who has lived the dream that many dreamt, how horrifying is it to imagine his life ‘after fame’…very, very difficult.

But somehow this instigates me to explore this part of life. Part of life, when I’ll be old and i will be ill. When I will be tired and unable to enjoy the most joyous things in the world. Will my life be over? Will I be perennially sad or will I live the new part of life ‘afresh’?

The answers to these questions depended on only thing i.e. the way I’ll feel about myself. The way i’ll interpret my life is the answer to all the queries.If there will be peace in my mind a bout my past , then only i will be content with my future. As i will get nearer to my death, i will get more critical of my sins. My heart will analyze the way i used my brain or may be abused it!

I might sometimes, while churning my bland food, think about the achievements of my life. If i had utilized my capacity to the best of my ability, i would be satisfied. Otherwise i might suffer from the cancer of regrets.

Were there things i wanted to do but couldn’t because of some office work? Were there desires of taking a career path which my parents loathed? And if there were, i would be dissatisfied…my old bones will not be capable of sustaining any activity and my heart couldn’t sustain the pain of not doing those things. Tears will come, when I’ll see a proud actor, a famous comedian, an estimable teacher or whatever I wanted to be.

So, no matter how nerve racking reality is, but it’s time to live up-to our expectations so that we might not end up dying a death of repentance.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important thing I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life…Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose” Steve jobs.