Hope, Procrastination & Complacence

Time changes, some had money, some have it now. Time keeps on changing; some cherished their blessings and hard earned luxuries, while others saved and spent their pennies carefully. Some lived in bungalows and enjoyed lavish meals; others lived in houses where the whole family shared a room.

Time changed, like it always does… bungalows sold and bought, factories closed and built. Some shifted to flats and others to bungalows. Some slipped down from Mercedes to scooters and others started driving their dream cars.

What is it that drives us? What is it that makes some poor kid a dignified entrepreneur? What’s drives someone down to what they never imagined to be?

Some say its luck, destiny or maybe a test of time. But there is another force working behind this scenario; a gameplay, a power triangle or perhaps an intricate & unconscious role of your own urge to succeed. This urge is broken down to three conditions; I would rather reckon them as pathologies since, these are feelings which shape personalities & end up shaping the lives of their families.

These three forces and three varied feelings are hope, procrastination & complacence, all interwoven and all connected, one impacts another.

Charles R Snyder, a positive psychologist claimed that hope is the opposite of fear. Fear closes our eyes, shuts our brains & darkens what was actually lit. While, hope opens the avenues which never existed, it gives the strength to envisage what otherwise seems impossible.

Research shows, fear is what leads to Failure through the force of procrastination. When one isn’t hopeful of success, he fears failure and therefore, stops trying. There is always extra energy around a human brain, whether sad or happy this energy surrounds us in forms of feelings.

Fear transforms this energy into free floating anxiety; anxiousness leads to panic and we end up channelizing our energy in the wrong direction. Avoidance & depression are the behaviors resulting from this anxiety. No wonder, we never pass the test we never hoped to clear!

Not all the school dropouts, poor deprived children make it big; for someone time changes & for others it doesn’t. But for those blessed few, I believe the force which acts as a success multiplier is ‘hope’. As Richard Lazarus would put it ‘fearing the worst, but yearning for better’.

Hope & optimism is like the antidote for fear, leading to low procrastination. When we envision something brighter & better, we start working our way towards it more vigorously. So with destiny, a small role, in the unbelievable success stories we hear, might be played by Hope. Hope channelizes our sadness, anger & frustration and gives it the form of effort needed for success. We muster up all the last bits of courage and start working just because of hope that ‘We Can’. Thus, hope is what cancel outs procrastination, it vanishes laziness &re-energizes the drowsy souls.

Hope is what runs the world, isn’t it? For those who don’t have something, believe they’ll have it one day. When they don’t have it even on their last day, they believe they’ll have it in the ‘world hereafter’. Even the Lord has bestowed one great blessing on its creation i.e. Hope & Positivity. The power to imagine what’s not here will be here tomorrow! It is a blessing of the Lord which keeps the blood in our veins running. The eyes of a child begging for food, still shines because of hope. Its hope which encourages the sufferers, revitalizes the ones who have lost & consoles the betrayed. For those who believe in the world hereafter, the hope never diminishes.

But there is something, which I would like to add to this research. Though hope is the key to reaching where your vision cannot, I believe that when hope exceeds a certain level it can also lead to failure. Yes it seems absurd, but when hope takes the form of excessive optimism it becomes dangerous. We start overlooking what otherwise could have been a potential danger. We stop putting efforts and start taking things for granted. But this form of ‘Excessive hope’ is entirely different from what has been explained as the right form of hope. Its different because this excessive optimism occurs when the circumstances are already gracious & kind towards us. Unlike the underprivileged & deprived, this excessive hope mostly strikes the ones who have never struggled in their lives. And the one word which sums up this condition is ‘complacence’. In fact too complacent that they forget that without efforts anything can fade away.

Hence, I believe Lord wants us to be hopeful in dismal conditions but, also cautious in blessed ones!



A suffocating small room, cold bare floor and a flimsy table beside the window, with your hands clasped in your lap to sustain the chilly silent vibes this room emits, you sit at a corner with no bit of energy left in your veins. But you still muster up all the bits of courage left in you and you stand up, barely sustaining the pressure of those comatose legs you walk towards the window and open its fragile doors. The window opens and the sunlight enters the room, with its crisp edges, the straight ray of light enters your eyes. The light sprinkles some of its sparkle in your pupils and you feel rejuvenated once again! Continue reading

Dream On…

Every person sometimes reaches a situation where there are no words to write & none to speak, the expressions and thoughts are too jumbled to display. Though it’s frustrating or nerve-reckoning but yes that’s the moment which makes us see the true us. Confused, withered, tired or boggled ‘us’ see ourselves clearly in this confusion. The blurred vision makes us see the dreams within us.

The dreams buried deep inside where nobody could reach them. Dreams; from small little desires to hardcore wishes which now seem like inert, unreachable and unachievable.

The fear of facing those unachieved desires hides them deep inside in a corner of the brain where no one…literally no one can reach them. But it’s you, who can open and face them. It never too late to rethink and live the moments you have always wanted to. Fame, fortune, money blah blah..maybe are unachievable for some. But it shouldn’t stop us from dreaming, since dreaming is not always about expressing yourself to the world rather sometimes it’s about expressing yourself to ‘yourself’.

So, dream and dream…dream about life and its small things which can make your day which eventually makes a small but treasured moment of your life. Take a moment of freedom from the books, machines, notebooks or laptops whatever you’re stuck in and:

Go and breathe the fresh air, the flowy breeze and the rusty leaves
Feel the rain drops on your palms as the sun dawns

Do the dance moves that are embarrassing

Take a second to splash in dirt….i know it’s difficult but sometimes won’t hurt

Make bubbles in your shake & don’t care what sound it makes
Sing loudly, Louder and Louder…until you can’t breathe
Your tonsils might burst & so will someone’s ear…but you’ll feel at ease
Don’t you worry about the world…just the way it never does for you
Just Dream on…as it’s time to introduce yourself to YOU!