Success or Failure?

We all prioritize our lives… and career or may be career and love

Money and money…..the order changes and varies for everyone.

We all have our own perspectives and our lives are a practical demonstration of our thinking.

But some of us are indecisive, some are inexpressive and some are hypocrites.

Not all of us…but some of us are: We are indecisive because we can’t decide what is our passion? Is it our career or our relations?

Inexpressive coz’ we can’t express that though we’re into our career but somewhere deep down our relations lie much before that in the list!

We are hypocrites….yes we are hypocrites! Coz we lie to ourselves. We feel something else and impose the other. We live the life of our aspirations instead of the life of our souls. Why sometimes we hurt those we love in the name of our success?

Why we speak the words we never wanted to? Why sometimes the words come out so unexpectedly?

Are we meant to hurt others or is it just a mistake? Is it just a mistake to hurt those we never meant to hurt?

Is it success to be excellent in something your heart didn’t want to be good at? Or is it better to be just mediocre at something you have always longed for?

Sometimes our hypocrisy exceeds the limits of our souls and touches the boundaries of our loved ones. We express what we didn’t feel and hide what we have always felt.

Our priorities reach out to everything but nothing what we want!

I always like to write a conclusion with a solution to all my queries….But this one, I’m leaving open ended, as I’m afraid I don’t even know an answer to these questions!


In The Name Of Humanity!

With earphones pouring melancholic tunes in my heart, the wind slowly pulling me back from numbness, I felt a lot…a lot happening in my mind today on my way to university.

My eyes were closed, was stuffed in the seat and barely fixed my feet on the ground with a lot of strangers around me in the bus, but yet I tried to sort out the knots within my mind.
A look at the crowd; the rush they were in, the irritation they showed and their struggle to surpass each other in getting a seat, struck my mind. Continue reading