We don’t love our mothers…

Through thick and thin, through highs and lows, the only thing that works for us is the fact Bondthat everything comes to an end, but not for her. She literally follows the same redundant routine day and night for many years. Without complaining, she bears every pain even beyond an average human’s threshold. While we whine about early office hours and lack of sleep, she wakes up before everyone even on a Sunday. I can go out to break the monotony, but she always sticks around awaiting everyone’s attention and yet doesn’t complain if no one bothers to return her calls! Continue reading

There is no man called an Average Man


For the past many years…


perhaps since my birth, I have heard, seen and believed that few are the people who are men of wisdom, courage and the list of heroic adjectives continues…

These are some characteristics which make them ‘shine’, an ensemble of special skills which makes them unique and hence, grants them the title of a ‘Legend’. So what my mind learnt was that ‘These people are special….and I’m perhaps ordinary’.

Yesterday,  I was at a wedding, a simple, clean and Pakistanish wedding… It was plain and there was nothing extravagant to share about it. I was bored and as my gibberish thoughts jumped and swindled from one to another, but then I noticed something which soaked up my energies. Continue reading

Are We Living A Good Life?

For me and my family, yesterday was a day filled with melancholy, gloom and silence.  One of our uncles, my father’s best friend and a gifted man passed away due to a sudden heart attack. As the night lurked inside the house, my thoughts started jumping from one end to another. Stories, emotions, people and roles, everything prowled inside my mind. How an able, humble, intelligent, social and a perfectly functioning man was reduced to a frozen dead body? What is it that actually makes your life peaceful till the time you perish?

Today, I’ll sum up some of these thoughts (gathered from my favorite authors & psychologists) my ideas to live a wholly contented life before the time runs out (though I myself don’t follow all of them, but that just means I need to try harder) 😀

Should I go for it?

The first thing that I consider as the biggest problem of life is ‘dilly-dallying’. You keep on vacillating between two decisions, two opportunities, two issues and two choices. A lot of time this irresolution gives you either regrets or takes a good chunk of opportunities away from you. So, when the time comes just believe in your thoughts, calculations & instincts.

Paulo Coelho says:

“ When we least expect it Continue reading

While I’m Alone!

Suddenly it started pounding fast…..I was hundred percent sure that it will burst in a few moments. While, my fists were getting wet and mind trying to register what’s happening, my eyes searched for a person to call out. I wanted to scream and let someone know, that hey! I’m not alright; hey do you care if I die…..hey unfortunately, I’m not fine. I wanted to shout and tell someone, but that someone wasn’t there.

If I stretch my hands out, will there be a friend to hold it and help me out? Will there be someone to help me catch my breath? Will there be someone who would tell me that it’s gonna be alright? But, I was the only one who cared!

I was alone, there were hundreds of people around me but I was alone. With my eyes darkening, with every chunk of time being taken away, I was feeling more and more lonely. It was sheer darkness, more of my mind rather than sight all spread ubiquitously.

I closed my eyes, barely reached my headphones to plug in my ears and prayed that I just get better. The clock ticked and ticked, with my head down, I just thought of the people who would make me feel the way no one else could.

The moment I closed my eyes, my Mom’s face just popped up. Yes! She was the reason I was alive….the reason why I was the good part of me only though. My sisters, the cuties….who stood by me….who cried and smiled with me….they were there even making me smile at this time.

But what about all those ‘Social bonds’ I developed here? All those friendships and all those ties? Don’t they care if I’m not well? I couldn’t think of a single name to call who will leave everything to come and make me feel alright! Not a single one!

We all learn, how important it is to be good at ‘PR’, but what good it does to me if people are only there to spend some good time. When we are lonely as we can be, nobody’s there to help share the burden of your sorrows. We ignore the one’s who love us unconditionally for these people or this ‘PR’?

The rush of these thoughts and the sheer realization, of how my mother loved me despite of all the bad I was, gave me the spirit to get up back on my feet. It pushed me to pick up my bag, grab my books and leave for home. Why should I expect anything from anyone, while I had someone who would hold me tight and tell me she cared!

Why should I bother, thinking about the world when I had a few people who kept on thinking about me 24/7!….I should never do that, and I shall never do that.

Some lessons are learnt the hard way. But the truth is that every moment of your life has a lesson waiting to be deciphered.