Earth…Mother Earth!

Small droplets of water…..on the surface of earth….how blissful, how serene!

You see the steam coming out of the earth, you feel the earth is melting and losing it’s heat.

Slowly, slowly, its losing the pain it was suffering from

You must find it hilarious that how can earth feel pain?

But I see the rain is putting off a burden from the earth’s shoulders

Earth was crying, suffering and sorrowful…I felt it’s frustration when I touched it’s façade

The scorching heat or the excruciating deeds…everything was hurting the earth

When the sun is burning, we hide under the shelter….but the earth its always there

We commit sins; we show our pride, thrash others and corrupt our souls….

God is watching, we might forget but there is someone else, who witnesses our crooked deeds

It’s the Earth, the Earth…..called as Mother by many….providing Shelter since Eternity…

Many a times, we cut off from people who break our hearts, But the Earth? It never cuts off from us just like our Lord

We were born here….and will end, buried in the arms of the Mother Earth

One day I lay down on the grass; covered with withered leaves, it seemed wilted….

My ears vibrated….was it my cell phone? No, it was coming from beneath the Earth!

The Earth, it was crying, as if  tired of all the wickedness it had seen

The sky screamed; seeing the Earth’s mourning, it started grumbling

Thunder and Thunder; the Air was angry…..It roared with anger and leaves started flying away with fear…

Terrified & astounded…A few drops touched my hands….like a medicine; Lord poured a Balm on the Earth…for the Earth

To relief it’s pain and to appease its aching body….Fresh droplets of serene water spread across the place

Oh Lord, You are great, how you blessed the Mother Earth with your peaceful surprise

Earth; who embraces us all…was finally embraced by the One Who made us all!


What God has chosen for us?

I opened my eyes, stared at the sky, gave a sarcastic smile and turned over. My eyes were moist and small drops of tears running down my cheeks, but I managed to hide my face in the fusty grass I was lying on.
What was I doing? Was I trying to question or humiliate nature….then why were my eyes wet? I know exactly the state I was going through! I was unhappy; rather sorrowful or may be loathed my current condition. I blamed God for all my disasters and my sarcasm was just an instrument to show my inner anger. I thought that all my dilemmas were His scam and I was as innocent as a newly born baby in her mother’s lap.
We all go through this phase of emotional trauma, where we are left with no way out. Hence, the only way to vent out our frustration is to blame The Almighty for it.

Then I felt something on my shoulder, something pouring down. I turned back and it was raining. Small droplets poured down and slowly my whole anxiety started flowing with the cold water. I like a cliché imagined, it wasn’t rain rather the clouds were crying with me.

Drenched in water, I walked with heavy steps in the torrential rains. As few droplets turned into many, the clouds also went from being dark to darker. Wherever the dim ray of light tried to enter, the lightening would yell and command it to hide in the clouds.

No light….not a single ray of it! Just like my life huh…held in the shackles of darkness. The nature was showing me a mirror image of my own emotions, ah! It was making fun of it. And it gave me the right to humiliate and mortify it without hurting my conscience. I was taking revenge though I knew I couldn’t hurt or harm the nature and The Almighty ruling it. But all I knew was that this vengeance could provide me some sort of relief.

But as more and more rain poured down on my apprehensive soul….I felt more and more relieved. My sense of anger started to disappear in the flow of the salty water on my skin. The rain drops in fact seemed to absorb my worries leaving my mind afresh. Now, I realized that how wrong I was in perceiving this rain as a tool to demean my condition by Almighty.

It wasn’t demeaning or mimicking me rather it was there to wash my tears. The droplets not only absorbed my sorrows but also brushed away my tears. My head was lighter and my soul was cleaned of all the tensions I had.
May be that is how a difference of perception can alter the way we perceive Almighty’s blessings. This is how God sends us angels and we consider them demons.

‘I agree that sometimes it’s so difficult to understand what God has chosen for you. But whatever it is….it’s the best for us’