A New Year’s Eve!

5…4…3…2….1! Its new year, 2011 is here finally!

2011, with new hopes for some and resolutions for others.

Life lightens up for some or shines for others…but have you ever thought that for some it’s just another night which gets darker and gloomier with every passing second. For some its sheer obscurity with a tinge of salt from the tears they cry…the tears for the regrets they have earned, the tears which they cry with a hope to fade away the memories of 2010!

For some the beginning of a New Year is overshadowed by the ‘ending of 2010’. When others dance to their tunes and dream for the future, others just live in their past and sacrifice their future for the sake of repentance.

31st december 12:00 am, the moment when the whole world is in a state of ecstasy!

It’s difficult for you to imagine this moment as a flash of sadness with crippled emotions of anger, fury and melancholy for someone out there. Someone who maybe seems fine with a perfect smile to entertain the acquaintances…someone who hides her mourning just the way ‘the happy world’ would want it.

But, just wish that the new year brings that someone a chance to explore something soothing enough to appease the ulcers on her soul…and give the fortune to find someone who could gauge not only the apparent comfort rather the internal anguish which gets deeper and darker with every moment that passes by!!

The Baggage!

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night by hearing what you just said out loud ‘unknowingly’ while you were asleep….

No it doesn’t imply that you are a ghost or you are a maniac! Then what is it? Is it the shrillness of your voice or the amplitude of its frequency? Is it the doors stumbling behind your back or the windows just shattered? ……Its none of those too..

It’s more the web of thoughts in your brain which crunches your power to relax, your mind is grumbling and regurgitating the events that just passed by.

People call me self obsessed, self conceited or sometimes psychic but I’m hundred percent sure that we all are that at one place or point in our life.

Everything in my life seems to be jumbled up in a big baggage lying at the corner of my mind. It leaves no opportunity to exploit your thoughts and hinder your every step. The moment you are about to have fun or make a decision, the worst memory of your life will come up and destroy it all! Continue reading