A State of trance

When I walk alone in the deep sea of love, I think I am alone but I am not. I am in a trance, a trance that is neither created nor built, neither brought nor thought…it’s a trance which has always been there, sometime conscious sometimes unconscious.

It’s a trance of harshness, a trance of sadness, a trance of passion, a trance of intensity, a state of compassion, a thought of romanticism..all in one. Yes all in one!

In moments of frustration and sadness, I am in deep trance of emotions. Sometimes the emotions are like the sea before a storm…all silent, all calm. A few waves here and there …then suddenly tides of passion with wrath take over but are soon undertaken by the bouts of depression.

The trance is where your eyes are no more just a sensing organ. Your eyes are source of revelation…your eyes are a source of passion and an outlet of emotions. The tears pour down and a sense of relaxation takes over you.

The ears are not just hearing, but also filtering what you want to listen. The voice of the air, yes the air’s voice passes by to the soul but the voice of people is blocked. Voices of your breathing are too strong to do away with the voices of those who seem senseless at least right now!

Your hands are still, like rocks or stones. Heavy and numb, you can’t feel them as if your limbs are broken or taken away. You can neither move nor think of lifting them up. You have never been so light and helpless at the same time!

This is trance, the trance which connects you to another state of your own subconscious. Experiencing trance is just like exploring a sea shell that you collected once in your childhood but dropped it years ago under your bed. Now, if you have found it, make the most of it!