The Life Of A Pakistani!

The first page of every newspaper is enough to give you goosebumps, take care because you might spill your tea due to the horrendous mishaps that occur everyday in almost every city of Pakistan. Some say, due the persistent attacks Pakistanis are left with no empathy or shock for those who were just murdered brutally by God knows whom!

But i firmly believe that no matter how staunch, obdurate or insensitive you are, somewhere deep down you feel ‘weak’. A blast or an attack, in a far-fetched area might not affect you. But when it is your own city or sometimes your own neighborhood…….you are just left a little more assailable and devastated!

Did you just hear a mother crying over her son’s the dead body who was martyred while catching a few terrorists? It cuts your heart, so that you bleed out all your anger and frustration?

A man who slaughtered his own family because of poverty leaves you pondering for hours. An act of insanity or a wise decision to protect them from dying of hunger? It just hits you….and it hits you hard.

A normal human can’t sustain such amount of savagery, so we try to distract ourselves. Some get drowned in their career and others start living a lie to pretend as if nothing happened. But when we take a step into realities, we experience the same trenches of poverty and shackles of inhumanity. When you hear about a blast near a place which you visit everyday, it make you quiver. You have a flashback of all those people you saw there yesterday. Are they still alive? Or they are the victims of this act of violence?….Am I lucky that i survived? What if i was there at that point of time? Then my life would also have been wasted as just ‘another victim’ of an attack.

I met a foreigner and we started a discussion about current affairs. He said that all Pakistanis must be used to attacks and violence since excess of it makes you apathetic. But is it that easy to become numb? No! Its not.

No matter how long you have been living in summer……..the heat of sun still excruciates & makes your body sweat.

No matter how long you have been hiking the mountains a rock thrown at you………… still hurts you in the head.

No matter for how long people have been slaughtered………each time the color of the blood is still red!

The broken chain of evidence!

After three years, seven months and eight days, the Anti-Terrorism Court has yet again postponed the verdict of the alleged architect of the Lal Masjid massacre which left almost a thousand people displaced, 248 injured and 108 killed. The Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) has only now, on 20th April 2011 , indicted former chief cleric of Lal Mosque Maulana Abdul Aziz and 20 others for killing a Rangers soldier on July 7th, 2007, while the charges on these suspects have been struck down from twenty to one during this time.

This is not just one case which has gone unattended. According to Mian Iftikhar Hussain, the provincial minister for information, almost 98% of the alleged terrorists are acquitted on the basis of insufficient evidence or lack of witnesses.
The amount of such cases is appallingly increasing and the presence of militants in the society is posing a major threat for the civilians. A staggering 1,591 people lost their lives in these attacks while 10,161 militants were arrested in 2010. But the puzzling question is that why many of the extremists behind this butchery have never been punished or even trialed. Continue reading