Diversity vs Yourself!

We “Humans” are surrounded by thousands of people where each of them is unique. We all are rare in our style and novel in our persona. But still we all have something in common….. We all witness, experience, internalize and visualize one thing i.e. ‘Diversity’.

Diversity is what inspires an artist to create something abstract…..In fact the word abstract itself is inspired from the complex human nature. How every human is quintessentially different….how each one of us extracts some unique aspect despite of belonging to the same environment. Same mother same father but each kid with different cognitions, with different aspirations and with different viewpoints. Isn’t it a marvel of God, Who gave us this uniqueness….Who made us a part of crowd yet the capability to reach a different destination through the same pathway.

Sometimes this diversity is so awe inspiring that we start demeaning the stability within us. We start following the ‘traits’ which appear to be a successful combination of fame, money and power. But this inadvertent disciple somewhere starts losing his own capacity to be different. This trend of following the trend somewhere disintegrates the persona we once possessed.

Once….only once we try to lose the track of our own personality and the next moment we don’t have one. Our life, our mind and hence our ‘unique’ existence is tied to the presence of self-acceptance. If we don’t or hesitate to accept our own existence……..That is the moment we start suffering from self-destruction.

It might appear trendy to be like the one you adore or it might be courageous to be’ You’ in front of the world. But remember neither the former means that you destroy your innate self for mere acceptance nor does the latter imply that you quit the Norms and be someone who is loathed by the world. There is always a middle ground…..Which essentially means that you neither lose yourself nor the world. This implies that you get ‘Yourself’ accepted in a worldly manner.

World has seen people like Oprah Winfrey who accepts her bluntness, fatness and age with grace and then makes the world love her for those apparently horrible traits. World has witnessed unconventionality in people like Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela and most prominently Bill Gates. These people stood up for who they are but they didn’t defy the norms. They accepted the values of the world but amalgamated them in their own way.

Getting Acceptance is never a situation of Do or Die….It is always about how you become the part of crowd with your own way of walking through it!


What God has chosen for us?

I opened my eyes, stared at the sky, gave a sarcastic smile and turned over. My eyes were moist and small drops of tears running down my cheeks, but I managed to hide my face in the fusty grass I was lying on.
What was I doing? Was I trying to question or humiliate nature….then why were my eyes wet? I know exactly the state I was going through! I was unhappy; rather sorrowful or may be loathed my current condition. I blamed God for all my disasters and my sarcasm was just an instrument to show my inner anger. I thought that all my dilemmas were His scam and I was as innocent as a newly born baby in her mother’s lap.
We all go through this phase of emotional trauma, where we are left with no way out. Hence, the only way to vent out our frustration is to blame The Almighty for it.

Then I felt something on my shoulder, something pouring down. I turned back and it was raining. Small droplets poured down and slowly my whole anxiety started flowing with the cold water. I like a cliché imagined, it wasn’t rain rather the clouds were crying with me.

Drenched in water, I walked with heavy steps in the torrential rains. As few droplets turned into many, the clouds also went from being dark to darker. Wherever the dim ray of light tried to enter, the lightening would yell and command it to hide in the clouds.

No light….not a single ray of it! Just like my life huh…held in the shackles of darkness. The nature was showing me a mirror image of my own emotions, ah! It was making fun of it. And it gave me the right to humiliate and mortify it without hurting my conscience. I was taking revenge though I knew I couldn’t hurt or harm the nature and The Almighty ruling it. But all I knew was that this vengeance could provide me some sort of relief.

But as more and more rain poured down on my apprehensive soul….I felt more and more relieved. My sense of anger started to disappear in the flow of the salty water on my skin. The rain drops in fact seemed to absorb my worries leaving my mind afresh. Now, I realized that how wrong I was in perceiving this rain as a tool to demean my condition by Almighty.

It wasn’t demeaning or mimicking me rather it was there to wash my tears. The droplets not only absorbed my sorrows but also brushed away my tears. My head was lighter and my soul was cleaned of all the tensions I had.
May be that is how a difference of perception can alter the way we perceive Almighty’s blessings. This is how God sends us angels and we consider them demons.

‘I agree that sometimes it’s so difficult to understand what God has chosen for you. But whatever it is….it’s the best for us’